What's In It For You? Top Five Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

I'd like to tell you a story about the demise of hired professionals.

Once upon a time, not long ago, Google met Pinterest and had a baby named DIY... THE END

Just kidding (smile)... well sort of, and I only say "sort of" because it is true that in a world of 'doing it ourselves', we've lost site on how beneficial it can be to hire a trained professional for..well..anything! This post is not intended to stunt anyone's creative growth nor to discourage our beloved DIY'ers, but it is purposed to highlight the perks of hiring a professional to get a job done. In this case the "job" is the execution of a beautifully planned and detail oriented wedding. So here you go. Top Five Reasons You should Hire a Professional Wedding Planner!

  1. We are connected, within the industry, to other wedding professionals - This is important when trying to scout vendors for your big day. You want to hire the best vendors your money can buy and no one is more knowledgeable of who that is,  than your professional wedding planner. If your planner is worth their weight in gold, they will have the best vendor options for you to choose from based upon your budget and overall desire for your wedding.
  2. We are trained to negotiate contracts on your behalf - Certified Wedding Planners/Professionals (CWP) are trained to know what to look for in a vendor as well as how to get you the best package deal for your budget. Often times, your planner would have worked with a specific vendor in the past, and so with an established relationship, CWP's have a leg up on negotiating compared to Debbie DIY (just saying).. which brings me to number...
  3. The PERKS- A lot of times, planners have partnerships with wedding vendors that afford them discounts, freebies, and other bene's that they can pass down to their clients. For instance, Audrey Luxe Weddings & Events has partnered with Minted, an online stationer, and can get you 20% off of your invitation suite with just a few strokes of a promo code. Book your FREE consultation to learn more! (shameless plug)
  4. Lets not forget the obvious and tremendous stress relief you'll receive once you give someone else the task of executing only the most important day of your entire life to perfection! You can relax and the planners do the worrying for you.
  5. Last but not lease, our top 5th reason you should hire a professional wedding planner is for aesthetics; the polished look and feel of your idea in life form. To be honest, no one wants their wedding to LOOK like they did everything themselves. You want a polished, luxurious and detailed shine to your day and you want the logistics of the day to be ran to perfection! You can't walk beautifully down the aisle and put out the inevitable small fires that will occur behind the scenes. Let us deal with the fire, you just worry about living happily ever after.
Nichelle Calander