Why Price Shopping is Not a Good Idea When Considering Hiring A Wedding Planner

What is Price Shopping?

We all do it! Whether it be when we are shopping for a new car, camera, or comfy sofa; when considering a new investment, it is common to shop prices before product. Now, lets be clear. This is not all the time a bad thing. We of course want to make sure that with anything we invest in, we do our due diligence in research and make a good financial decision. But I would argue that considering the price alone, and neglecting to learn about the quality of work that comes along with said price, may cost you more in the long run, especially when seeking out professional services, like say for instance (lol) a wedding coordinator.

A Wedding Planners Pet Peeve

Let me let you all in on a little secret! When receiving an inquiry from a potential client, wedding planners dread answering the following question:

How much is it for Day Of Wedding Coordination?

This is not because we don't wish to tell you, or because we are sneakily hiding or trying to coerce you into an overpriced obligation. (Side Note: Most wedding professionals, whom are passionate about their work, honestly just want to help execute one of the most important and memorable days of your life.) But, its because if we just shared our pricing, without sharing in detail the experience you get by choosing one of our wedding packages, you miss out on how much we can help you plan and actually ENJOY your big day! Most initial consultations with planners are complimentary with no obligations to sign a contract. They typically last no longer than an hour and sometimes you even get a small cute gift for considering the agency. Look at how much you can miss out on, by forgoing a consultation or not inquiring enough about the actual service provided versus the price. Not to mention, pricing can be a false indicator on how great (or not so great) the quality of service is.

So What Should You Do When Looking For a Wedding Coordinator?

Have an idea of what services you require for your day; Day/Month Of, Partial, or Full Service. We understand cost is a huge factor so be mindful of your budget or the amount you want to spend on a planner and search the online market for wedding professionals that provide services in the range of what you want to spend. This allows for you to safely shop based on the service you desire without worrying about cost because you know you are shopping within a range you can afford.

Look at the wedding planners photo's of past weddings and events. Peruse the galleries for wedding décor and ideas. Check out their website and wedding blogs to see if they are up-to-date on wedding trends and inspo. See how they are rated on Wedding Wire and The Knot and maybe even reach out to test how responsive they are. If you do decide to reach out, ask what's included in your package of interest, and see if they offer you a comp consultation (most will). All of these things will serve and help you make the best decision on who should handle the coordination of your wedding far better than asking several planners "How much do you charge"? Pricing is important, but so is credibility. You don't want to shop a "good price" for "not so good" service. It'll only cost you more in the end.

I hope this helped shed some light on price shopping and how it can be a disservice. If you have any questions about planning or if you or someone you know needs a wedding or event planner, or maybe just some guidance. Book a consultation with me at www.audreyluxe.com/BookUs.