The Difference Between a Wedding Venue Coordinator...and Me

Here's a Little Story....

He recently proposed(!!!)...and now it's time to start planning. The first thing you need to do is find and secure the BEST venue, so that you can announce a date. You and your family go on a site tour and are offered the ultimate wedding package that includes any and everything you need for your big day at a great cost, EVEN A 'WEDDING PLANNER'. You think, "GREAT! Now I don't have to hire one" and you pat yourself on the back for finding such a great deal. You sign your name on the dotted line annnnd Done!

Fast forward to the day of your wedding....

There's so much to be done and your hired vendors are everywhere and no where to be found. The wedding venue coordinator, you've been working with for months, decided to schedule her vacation on the same weekend as your wedding but assured you, via email, that the catering staff is aware of everything that needs to be done. You're in a panic! Who's going to make sure the ceremony begins on time? Who's going to pin the boutonnières and give the bridesmaids their bouquet? Who is in charge around here?

Debunking The Myth

Although the above story is fictional, it isn't far from what some brides have actually experienced the day of their wedding. Here's why? They unknowingly mistook a venue inclusive wedding coordinator for their own exclusive one. Now let me be clear. This is post not intended to bash our venue coordinators. We love them and work really well as a team to make sure your day runs smooth. But, although on the same team, we serve two different purposes. Allow me to name a few.

The biggest difference between the two are the responsibilities. Venue coordinators are hired by the venue to serve and represent the venue. Wedding planners are hired by you, and we serve and represent you. A venue coordinators responsibilities can include:

  • Setting up tables, chairs and linens (maybe)
  • Making sure the food is prepared and served on time.
  • Pretty much anything to pertaining to the venue itself.

A venue coordinator will not:

  • liaise between third party vendors and the bride
  • review vendor contracts
  • attend any outside vendor meetings
  • construct a timeline or oversee all of the events of the day
  • stay past dinner being served

The above mentioned responsibilities are that of your hired wedding planner. In addition to those tasks, your wedding planner will see to it that all of the intricate details of the day, from the time you awake until the time you and your groom ride off into the moonlight, are carefully planned  and schedule on a timeline that you will approve days ahead of time. We make sure that all vendors are paid by the end of the night. We run the rehearsal, cue the music, bustle your gown, and put out a number of small fires right under your nose, without you even knowing. We are at your service and will see to it that you don't have to concern yourself with anything other than being beautiful.

See The Difference

As you can see there is quite a difference between the jobs of an inclusive venue coordinator and your exclusive wedding planner. As mentioned, both will work hard for you but in several different respects. When a venue announces that they have an in-house planner (and they often do, it's a great sales pitch) ask questions about what they will and will not do on the day of and months leading up to your day. Ask if they have a list of preferred wedding planners that they can refer you to and get clear about what can be expected of each.

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