My Venue Has A Day Of Coordinator But...: The Top 3 Things Every Bride Should Confirm With Their Venue Coordinator

Hopefully, by now you know the difference between an inclusive venue coordinator and an exclusive wedding planner. Although we work great together, to see to it that your day goes off without a hitch, there are some major differences between the two.

While we don’t suggest it, we know that every bride won’t hire their own planner. We still however want you to be prepared. If your venue offers Day Of coordination, and you don’t plan to hire a wedding planner, consider asking the following 3 questions.

1. Ask About Their Turnover Rate

High turnover rates, especially common in the hotel industry, can be alarming when entrusting the execution of your wedding day to a venue coordinator. During your first few meetings with them, casually ask how long they’ve been with the venue. You may even go as far as asking how many weddings they personally have managed/planned or how long they have been in the industry. The biggest concern here is finding out, at the last minute, that the venue coordinator you were assigned no longer works there and your planning file has been passed on to someone else you haven’t met. WARNING!! This is not an uncommon occurence and has recently happened to two of my brides. Both times, I found out by accident (I literally found out during a standard planning call to the venue) and both times my brides were none the wiser. Luckily, I was able to step in as their exclusive planner to ensure that every detail was communicated to the new coordinator. If you decide to forego a wedding planner, make sure to keep close contact with your venue coordinator. Recommended at least twice a month.

2. Confirm that the assigned venue coordinator will actually be on site on the day of your wedding.

You may think this goes without saying, but a lot of times the one gathering your details for your day, won’t actually be there the day of. They may work a Monday-Friday, 9-5 schedule and may only be responsible for arranging the details leading up to your wedding day; leaving the execution to a ballroom manager or bridal hostess. Most venues who operate like this have a very qualified staff who can handle the task, however, there is room for error, especially when you don’t have the consistency of an exclusive wedding planner who has been by your side from day one. 

3. Inquire about specific important “Day Of” planning tasks and whether or not the venue coordinator will see to it that they are complete.

These tasks can include rehearsal coordination, construction of a wedding day timeline, lining up of bridal party, pinning of boutonnieres and more. This is especially important when the bridal party is not getting ready at the venue bridal suite, or when your ceremony is at a separate location. Your venue coordinator will not be involved in any of the planning details outside of what’s happening onsite.  

Click here for more on the differences between a venue coordinator and your own exclusive wedding planner. If you have additional questions, or would like to book a complimentary consultation, feel free to email me at letsplan@audreyluxe.comor schedule an appointment